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Minutes count! Someone who is severely bleeding can bleed to death in as little as 5 minutes. That’s why bleeding control—keeping the blood inside the body—is the purpose of STOP THE BLEED® training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is a STOP THE BLEED course?

    Most STOP THE BLEED® courses last no more than 90 minutes. A formal presentation is followed by hands-on practice of applying direct pressure, packing a wound, and using a tourniquet to stop bleeding.

  • How much does a STOP THE BLEED course cost?

    Typically, there is no charge for most STOP THE BLEED® courses. However, sometimes expenses are incurred to hold one. Check with your local instructors to see if there is a fee for their courses. All of our instructors volunteer their time and expertise to teach STOP THE BLEED® training.

  • Where can I find a STOP THE BLEED course?

    The STOP THE BLEED® website contains upcoming courses. Use our Find a Course tool to search for one that’s near you. Courses are updated on a regular basis, so you can check back again if you don’t find a course that matches your schedule or is close by. If you don’t find a course in your town or city, try searching by zip code or state.

  • I don’t see a course available in my community. How do I request one?

    STOP THE BLEED® is a grassroots effort. If you don’t see a course available near you, contact your local hospital and ask for one to be held in your local community.

  • How do I set up a course for my school or community group?

    It’s easy to set up a STOP THE BLEED® course for your local group. There are tens of thousands of instructors around the U.S. and world. You can find someone nearby to come teach a course for your group by contacting stopthebleed@facs.org.

  • Are STOP THE BLEED classes available online?

    STOP THE BLEED® courses are not available online. Use our Find a Course tool to search for upcoming classes scheduled in your area. You do have to attend and be physically present to participate to learn how to control bleeding in one of our STOP THE BLEED® courses.

  • Where can I find my course completion certificate?

    Please reach out to the instructor of your course for a copy of your STOP THE BLEED® course completion certificate.

News Coverage

  • New York State Trooper car
    State trooper praised for rescuing man in woodchipper mishap
    A New York state trooper applied a tourniquet to a man whose leg was caught in a woodchipper. The state trooper's lifesaving actions controlled the bleeding until emergency medical personnel arrived.

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  • Tourniquet application
    Police officer honored for life-saving actions
    A Webster, NY, police officer was recognized for applying a tourniquet and saving a life after a group of four people was hit by a car. Knowing how to stop life-threatening bleeding can save a life!

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  • Police Line Do Not Cross
    Chicago police officer saves lives with combat gauze
    A Chicago police officer used his knowledge of bleeding control techniques to help save the lives of multiple people with gunshot wounds by using combat gauze from his police medical kit.

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Stop the Bleed Instructor Lynn Gras, FNP at the South Pole

STOP THE BLEED comes to Antarctica

The medical team at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station recently hosted the first STOP THE BLEED® course in Antarctica. The research team at the South Pole Station is in isolation in an extreme environment for 10 months out of the year and lack consistent connectivity to access up-to-date medical resources.

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U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee learns how to apply pressure to a wound.

Training Our Elected Officials to STOP THE BLEED

Elected officials at the state and national levels have taken notice of the life-saving potential of STOP THE BLEED®. We have trained numerous members of Congress, state officials, and their staff members on how to STOP THE BLEED®.

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Stop the Bleed state legislation is taking hold

Legislative Updates

A bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate to expand access to bleeding control kits and several states around the U.S. have enacted legislation that takes into account the core principles of the STOP THE BLEED® campaign.

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