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We encourage you to use the resources on this page to help spread the word about the STOP THE BLEED® campaign. Here you’ll find training materials to learn about bleeding control techniques, documents about the history of the program, and more.

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  • Save a Life Flowchart
    Our Save a Life flowchart will help you control bleeding after an injury. Don't forget to always call 9-1-1 first. Click on the boxes within the flowchart for additional instructions.


    Download our STOP THE BLEED® poster for a quick reference when an emergency arises. Don't forget to always call 9-1-1 first. Click on each section for additional instructions.


  • Hartford Consensus Compendium
    This comprehensive publication presents recommendations from the Hartford Consensus developed in response to a Presidential Policy Directive.


  • Hartford Consensus – Compressing the Zones of Care
    The Hartford Consensus recommends that an integrated active shooter response should include the critical actions contained in the acronym THREAT.


  • Instructor Resources
    Log into the STOP THE BLEED® Instructor Portal for training resources.

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  • How to Use a Tourniquet
    In this video, Lenworth M. Jacobs, Jr., MD, MPH, FACS, walks you through how to apply a tourniquet on a bleeding victim.
  • Improving Survivability
    This brief video provides an overview of recommended response and bleeding control protocol in the event of a mass casualty event.
  • A Perfect Stranger
    This film is a powerful reminder that at a moment's notice, any one of us might find ourselves in a situation where we are the help until help arrives. The film calls on all Americans to remake what it means to be a bystander. Video courtesy of FEMA.
    Learn about STOP THE BLEED® kits that are popping up in public sites across the nation and on TV's Code Black (CBS, 2015-2018). Video courtesy of Hartford HealthCare.