STOP THE BLEED comes to Antarctica

STOP THE BLEED® is important for everyone to learn. But for the researchers stationed at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica, it’s particularly vital—they’re in isolation in an extreme environment for 10 months out of the year and lack consistent connectivity to access up-to-date medical resources. In February 2020, the medical team onsite hosted the first STOP THE BLEED® training at the South Pole Station.

There are currently 42 people at the South Pole Station, where scientific research is conducted. Lynn E. Gras, a family nurse practitioner from Sitka, AK, is one-half of the medical team currently stationed there, along with Julien Naylor, MD, an internal medicine specialist, also from Sitka. They provide mostly urgent care and some chronic care monitoring for the team at the South Pole, who are generally healthy and have passed a rigorous pre-qualification process.