Stop the Bleed State Legislation is Taking Hold

Stop the Bleed state legislation is taking holdSeveral states in the U.S. are already enacting legislation that takes into account the core principles of the Stop the Bleed program. In 2019, at least 12 states have introduced or passed legislation to inform, educate, and empower their citizens to become immediate responders who can save a life in the event of a bleeding emergency. Here are some of the highlights happening at the state level.

  • Texas and Indiana have passed laws to have Stop the Bleed kits and training in schools.
  • Georgia has included the cost to install Stop the Bleed kits in schools as part of the state’s budget.
  • The state of Illinois Terrorism Taskforce is installing Stop the Bleed kits in schools.
  • Arkansas passed a bill requiring high school students to participate in Stop the Bleed training as a requirement for graduation.
  • The North Carolina legislature approved funding for a pilot program to train public school teachers in Transylvania County.